Quadranet EPOS is a complete

terminal and tablet-based EPOS system

Streamline the ordering process and manage all your money taking challenges such as discount management, deposit and voucher tracking, prix fixe, special price lists and split bills.

Save time and reduce mistakes

Guest preferences and booking notes are transferred from reservations and automatically attached to their EPOS table along with any pre-paid deposits.

Group wide menu updates

There’s no need to change your menu at each individual site within the group, use central menu replication to make the change only once from your master menu and then copy this down to site.

Integrated Chip & Pin Payments

Allow users to pay at the table including complicated splits, multiple payments and gratuities – all without having to return to the EPOS terminal.

Contactless is key

WebPOS is accessible from any device at any time. Allow your staff to use EPOS on their own devices. Place orders, send courses away & take payments just like you would on a terminal.


Kitchen Control

Kitchen Screens are designed to offer two-way communication between the kitchen and front of house, allowing them to be fully informed on kitchen and service progress through status updates.


Staff Management

Time & Attendance management with fingerprint recognition allows you to keep an accurate track of staff hours and upload this information to your accounting and payroll packages. Compare labour metrics across the group – with reports for sales and booking measures.