A web based stock control system, accessible from anywhere at anytime.

We are integrated with Erudus which gives essential allergen information across tens of thousands of products, directly from the Manufacturer.

Quick, easy and right at your fingertips.

Control your Stock

Configure your food and beverage stock and link these to your menu items, creating a seamless integration with EPOS

Create recipes including methods and allergens

Our margin calculator assists with costing your dishes and products

Transfer products and recipes between multiple locations and sites

Save time

Multisite product replication for new products and updates

Order straight from our online dashboard to your suppliers

Order faster with suggested reordering, based on par levels and current theoretical stock

No more printing of stock count sheets. Download stock sheets to a device, count and upload straight to the system



Track product history

Price changes, purchase and transfer history and quantity sold in a period using equivalent units

Control and manage

The efficiency and consistency of how your stock products and recipes are being maintained

Check the kitchen’s efficiency

Produce to a recipe, ensuring margin and consistency.

Detailed line-by-line stock analysis – highlighting discrepancies between actual and theoretical stock levels